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28 February, 1994

The Editor,
Dorset Evening Echo 57, St Thomas Street Weymouth Dorset
Dear Sir,

After reading your article `Chip, chip, Hooray` in the Echo of February 28th I thought I would write and argue against your seemingly concrete assertion that there are no records existent of fish and chip shops in the Andes 7,000 years ago.

In my younger days I explored the most exotic areas of this extraordinary planet of ours and one day found myself in the silent city of Sacsayhuaman, Bolivia. After pootling around, slipping postcards between the giant stones that make up this fascinating place, I must have touched a hidden latch and a small square stone slid out of the wall and a secret compartment was there revealed. Within the compartment four stone tablets lay, covered in cobwebs and dust. Being fluent in seven known languages and six unknown …