Now...some  Culture from the fine Dorset village of Little Piddle:

Piddle Pride (A Poem)

    We Piddle Men are standing proud,
    We say again, and say out loud!
    We Piddle Men are proud to say;
    `We Piddle, Piddle every day!`

    Oh, Piddle River that proudly flows
    from far upstream,
    to where - God knows!

    To Piddle we are proud to do,
    and make our Piddle plain to view,
    But how we shake and how we tremble,
    when we think of `Number Two*!`

    Cuthbert Clinch (1850-1935)
    Village Poet and Undertaker

*Number Two: A derogatory term that the villagers have for the growing city of Big Piddle that is slowly encroaching on them from the North.

Famous Inventors from Little Piddle

Fred Clavicle (1850-1910) inventor of steam driven false teeth.

Julius F. Hozhalf inventor invisible writing paper.

Henry Alexander Follen, Originator of the `Follen Theory of Male Pattern Hair Loss` (who`s first and only rule states `It just lets go...`)

All these Great Minds sleep in sweet repose in the weeping-willow shaded confines of the little churchyard of St Bidolphs-on-the-Bog, the small Medieval church in the centre of the village.


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